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North America’s Best Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press

Keep Your Forklift Tires Spinning!

Built with the operator’s safety in mind, Pressmaster’s signature low pressure hydraulic system maintains lower oil temperatures that ensure maximum safety for the press operator at all times.

This hydraulic forklift tire press is very precise, and very easy to use. Because our cylinder activation on this forklift tire press can be controlled simply by pressing the hand lever or removing pressure, the ram pressure will increase or decrease allowing the operator to perform tasks with precision and accuracy.

Our Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press features:
•    Platen stability and longer seal life are added by the large cylinder head
•    All hydraulic and mechanical parts are readily available throughout North America
•    Pressure regulator limits the ram pressure
•    Perform pressing as well as return with double-acting cylinder
•    High capacity 6 GAL. hydraulic oil reservoir
•    Higher efficiency and safer operation
•    Low pressure hydraulic system maintains lower oil temperatures
•    16" travel, hydraulic power-lift for vertical displacement of head assembly
•    Cylinder activation is fingertip controlled