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Three simple strategies to boost your sales

October 15, 2012

The manufacturing sector has long been touted as a reliable barometer for the North American economy. Despite the continuing problems in Europe and reports that the US economy is still struggling, manufacturing has posted growth for the vast majority of the past 12 months.

So with manufacturing growing at home and the competitive gap with China continuing to close, now is the time for your machine shop to get out there and take a share of the market.

Here are three strategies that will help you grow your business:

Trade magazines, local radio and TV. It doesn't have to be expensive to get your name out there, and every bit of exposure will help you publicize your company and grow your business.

Attend trade shows

In the industrial/manufacturing sector, trade shows still reign supreme. Invite your customers and potential clients to a show that you are attending, and showcase your company's machining skills.

Invest in technology
The latest technology and cutting-edge machines will ensure your company maintains an edge over the competition. Look for machines made in North America to ensure you are buying the best quality and cheapest to maintain machines in the marketplace today.

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