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The new standard in forklift tire presses FTP 150 RI

March 31, 2024

When it comes to indoor material handling, the forklift gets a pretty rough deal. While there are undoubtedly plenty of warehouse operatives who are reading this and thinking they get a raw deal, too...nothing compares to what a forklift truck goes through during its lifetime.

Consistently carrying loads weighing thousands of pounds and often ignored as far as routine or preventative maintenance is caused, it’s amazing how durable these machines are. Check out most aging forklifts and you’ll see dents and dings, missing paint, torn seats and more.But if you really want to see where a forklift bears the brunt of the abuse, check out the tires.

Forklift owners that use their machines indoors usually take advantage of the smooth floors and kit their forklifts out with very durable and long-lasting polyurethane press on tires. When we refer to these tires as durable and long lasting, that doesn’t mean for ever. Even though they are incredibly strong, polyurethane tires are still subject to wear and damage.

All tires wear, no matter the substance they are made of. Polyurethane and other types of solid tire actually have a wear line that, when reached is an indicator that the tires should be changed.

Even on smooth warehouse floors, forklift tires can become severely damaged over time. Flat spots in the tires can lead to instability of load carrying, as can tearing or gouging of the tires that occurs from time to time and gradually mounts up.

For the estimated 70% of indoor forklifts across North America that rely on press-on tires, Machinery values is proud to announce the launch of the FTP-150 forklift tire press. This 150 ton capacity press boasts fingertip-controlled cylinder activation, a super efficient low-pressure hydraulic system, a pressure regulator to limit ram pressure and a host of other standard features.

With over 40 years experience, Machinery Values prides itself on offering safe, reliable and top quality hydraulic presses. By specializing in hydraulic machinery, Machinery Values is able to recommend the most suitable piece of hydraulic machinery for your business and, when required, customize it to correspond to your exact manufacturing needs.

The company is proud to offer you dependable C-frame, H-frame, and forklift tire presses. For more information, contact Machinery Values today.