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Reasons to buy Your Machines at Home

February 20, 2013


Closing the Competitive Gap
Chinese and other Asian economies have become much less competitive recently, based upon increased energy costs and higher shipping costs, and this has narrowed the competition between the North American and overseas suppliers. For companies that are in the market for either new or used hydraulic presses, this is considered good news.
There certainly are some items that perhaps could be purchased from overseas, such as office supplies, toys and clothing, as well as components that are mass produced, however it makes better sense to shop close to home for large machinery like a shop press.
Better Communication
Asian manufacturers of hydraulic presses are more difficult to communicate with and their websites are not very user friendly for North Americans. Since a hydraulic press is a costly item, it is best to be able to communicate easily with the company that you purchase the equipment from.
Faster Turnaround Time
When you need to buy or replace a hydraulic press, turnaround time is very important to running your business, so buying from a company close to your location is the key to a faster turnaround time.
Ability to Customize
Dealing closely with the supplier on a regular basis is important when you purchase a hydraulic press that is custom-designed. Of course, dealing with a company close to home makes this communication much easier and ultimately more effective.
All in all, when you buy from a dealer in North America that you can trust, like Pressmaster, you can count on your shop press and your business running better and earning you more money!