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A Step By Step Guide To How Coins Are Made Using A Hydraulic Press

January 31, 2014

A huge proportion of production facilities around the world use hydraulic presses in their manufacturing processes. Everything from shelving to auto parts. A hydraulic press basically works by using hydraulic pressure to push material between plates together. One prominent industry that uses hydraulic presses is the coin press industry, and this is what this article is going to describe.
Step 1 -The material of the coin (usually gold, copper or silver) will be processed, using some different machinery, into a thin strip. To get it to the correct thickness for stamping.
Step 2 -The thin strip is now annealed, this means that it is heated up until it hardens to the correct hardness so the strip can be stamped.
Step 3 -Now the hydraulic press is brought in, the thin strip that has been thinned and hardened is inserted into the hydraulic press.
Step 4 -The hydraulic press is equipped with a circular die that is set to a specific diameter depending on the coin size that is getting made.
Step 5 -The press is activated, and the two dies are pressed together with massive force, which results in the coins being correctly punched out of the thin strip and dropped onto a table or a conveyor belt underneath the press
Step 6 -The coins are now inspected and then taken to the second press which is fitted for stamping the coins, rather than punching them out of the material like the previous hydraulic press.
Step 7 -The process of stamping the coins, known as coining, now begins. The blank coins are placed into the bottom die which has the correct pattern for one sign of the coin. The top die which has the correct pattern for the other side of the coin is now pressed downwards and makes contact with the other die and coin with massive force, causing the coining to be stamped on both sides with the correct pattern.
It is as simple as that, it is a relatively simple process that has been honed over several hundred years, from the first coins being made in Philadelphia in 1792, with rollers to the present day industrialized processes involving hundreds of presses and thousands of coins made a day.
One of the leading hydraulic press manufacturers is Pressmaster, who are an experienced manufacturer of hydraulic presses and have been in the industry for over 40 years and are based in New Jersey. They are particularly experienced in the manufacturer of the C frame hydraulic press which is the style of press used in coining.